Experience and Structure

Hugo Erasmus Property Development (HEPD) is an established consulting firm with a collective experience base of 36 years in town planning, property development and project management.

This extensive experience offered by HEPD, ensures that clients are served with thorough knowledge of town planning legislation, sustainable property development and proactive project management.

HEPD was established in 2001 and is based in Centurion.  Prior to 2001, vast experience was gained through employment in the local-, provincial-, and central government sector.

HEPD has grown from strength to strength, engaging in various successful projects in Gauteng.

HEPD has a clear vision based on sound business ethics, need and desirability and sustainable economic- and environmental development expertise and commitment.

HEPD is committed to our client's project and the high success rate is assignable to ethical planning, integrity, experience, professionalism and taking ownership of the project.

HEPD is equipped with highly qualified and skilled staff, latest computer technology and has electronic access to the Surveyor General, Registrar of Deeds and Government Gazette.

HEPD also work in association with architects, geologist, civil, electrical and hydraulic engineers, environmentalists, surveyors and attorneys.